Simple and secure digital asset solutions for financial businesses and institutions.

Banks, FinTech companies, crypto exchanges, and digital asset businesses can take advantage of our Valens Exchange platform to manage all cryptocurrency operations.

With our software, seamlessly integrated with APIs, institutions can handle digital asset trading, token creation, and experience the benefits of deep liquidity pools.

Products and services we offer

Crypto Exchange

Easily exchange between FIAT and crypto, crypto to crypto, and crypto to FIAT currencies on our Valens Exchange Platform. GBP, USD and EUR are supported, along with hundreds of coins and tokens.

Create and List New Tokens

Develop fully customisable and use-case specific tokens, that can be effortlessly integrated and listed on our exchange.

Liquidity Providers

With high liquidity and instant settlement of transactions, earn strong commissions as a liquidity provider.

Using the latest advances in blockchain development, Valens Exchange ensures that all our services operate at the highest level possible.


Exchange between FIAT and crypto efficiently, issue new tokens and integrate bank accounts directly on our Valens platform. Stake your crypto to earn money passively.


We prioritise the safety of your funds, storing them via well established and verified third party software with the most secure custodian infrastructure available. All digital assets are fully insured and protected via multi-party computation (MPC).

API Integration

Full management API’s will be seamlessly integrated into our exchange, offering a host of services with completely customisable functionalities.

Get help from our support team.

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