Valens Exchange Features

Easy, safe and secure crypto trading.

With Valens Exchange, you will find a full-scale suite of digital asset services, allowing users to make the most of crypto’s potential. Easily exchange between crypto and FIAT in real time, with no limitations whatsoever!


Users can be assured that all their assets held on Valens are safeguarded and protected to the highest level. We take a holistic approach to protect your investments and store your coins and tokens in the most secure manner. All account information is encrypted at every level.


We aim to help users maximise their profits by making the buy and sell process of coins as efficient and seamless as possible. As we scale our trading volume and take on more customers, we will make sure you get the best price for the coins you want.

Fee Structure

We ensure that users are fully aware of all fees incurred when trading on our exchange. Fees are charged as a percentage of the trade’s volume, and we aim to keep charges for market traders and makers as low as possible.


Users will be able to connect their wallet to a personal named bank account, allowing for hassle free transfers. Exchanging between crypto to FIAT, crypto to crypto and FIAT to crypto is a straightforward process, with users having access to their full transaction history. Deposit to your account through your credit or debit card after completing our onboarding process for security and safety. Fund with USD, EUR and GBP with the lowest possible fees. 24/7 support is available to guide you through any issues you may encounter.


Developers can make full use of the Valens infrastructure, taking API’s and using our FIAT instant settlement service.


We want our users to earn rewards on holding digital assets with Valens, which is why we make the staking process as simple as possible. Simply choose which asset you wish to stake and start earning passively!


On Valens Exchange, users will have the option to create and issue their own personalized tokens. With our straightforward set up, choose the blockchain type of your preference and customize whether your token will be mintable or stakable and to what degree, completely on your own terms.

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