Crypto Exchange

Valens Exchange offers a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our exchange is offered by API integration, providing all the features of a standard platform, instant settlement, as well as giving clients the option to list their own tokens. Institutions can also trade crypto assets directly over the counter (OTC), restriction free.

Crypto to Crypto

  • Swap any crypto currency for another (e.g. BTC to ETH)

Fiat to Crypto

  • Use FIAT to purchase crypto at market/future rates you set.

Benefits of Valens Exchange:

Personalized Service:

  • Quick and direct trading for your institution to get the assets you require. Expert assistance is provided to deal with any of your queries.

Security and Privacy:

  • Only verified traders and trading desks are allowed to sign up (via KYC/ KYB) to Valens, ensuring the highest level of security to prevent hacking and scams.

Avoid Slippage:

  • By linking to multiple exchanges, large transactions of an asset can be executed without paying different prices (due to slippage). This makes the process easier for our clients.

Freedom of payment:

  • No restriction of payment- crypto to crypto and crypto to FIAT transfers are all accepted, allowing larger flexibility for clients’ portfolio diversity.

No trade volume limit:

  • High volumes of crypto assets can be bought or sold at once, meaning only one transaction is needed, increasing speed and transaction rates.


  • Choose which of your assets to stake to earn profits passively.

Valens Exchange Ltd.

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British Columbia
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